Rocky Mountain Outfit — American Mountain Men (AMM) party of Colorado

Bradley C Bailey


New Pantaloons - June 2008

Bradley C Bailey
Centennial, CO
CO-NE Brigade Booshway
Hiveranno #1980
Sponsored by Bill Gantic and Rick Lesquier
Member since January 2008

I have had a lifelong interest in history and being in nature. My interest in the fur trade all started when I was a child and my father let me watch Jeremiah Johnson and The Mountain Men movies. Shortly after that I was invited to a small rendezvous and camped in one of my father's friends tipi. Those memories stuck with me even though my interest was pushed aside during my teenage years. When I got married I ran across some of my old books and my interest was rekindled. I have been researching and re-enacting ever since.

I am very particular about details and I make sure everything I do is as correct as possible. I make all of my own gear, most of which is made using hides that I have braintanned myself. Everything is hand sewn with either real backstrap sinew or linen thread.

I am always ready to throw my gear on my back and head out in the woods. I try to do at least one primitive camp every month.