Rocky Mountain Outfit — American Mountain Men (AMM) party of Colorado

Todd "Pete" Peterson


Scouting Buffalo Meadows, August 2014

Todd "Pete" Peterson
Ogallala, NE
Sponsored by Loren Nelson and "Missouri Jim" McCullough
Member since December 2013

I grew up on a farm in eastern South Dakota, always dreaming about some day ending up out west. I graduated from high school in 1973. Joined the Air Force, spent four years, got out, and continued to work for the DOD. I am a power lineman. I worked in Nebraska for 28yrs, Montana 6yrs, and ended up in Alaska for 2yrs. I retired from civil service in 2011. We moved back to lower 48 to be a part of the kids and grandkids life. Our family is spread out across Nebraska and Colorado. I do still work part time.

I've always hunted, love the outdoors and have an urge to wander and explore. I build self-bows, arrows, quivers that I have hunted with. I have spent a lot of time in the woods by myself, but not under totally primitive means. My good friend, and AMM Brother Loren Nelson thought I might be interested in the AMM. He was right. With his help in getting me started in the right direction, spending the last two years getting geared up enough to be able to attend an AMM camp last year with the Missouri River Brigade (MRB), Missouri Jim invited me to go with him to the AMM Nationals, Eastern Territorial and Denny Leonard to Bents Fort. Having spent time out on the ground with AMM brothers, all top notch, always willing to share information, and help an old pilgrim out. It meant a lot to me to find a bunch of men who are like thinking, headed in the same direction, not looking to gain but willing to share their knowledge. That is what I want to be a part of. Being a lineman, we were a brotherhood, we had each others' back.

The brotherhood in the AMM is that and more. I want to improve my wilderness and survival skills and be able to pass them on to my kids and grandkids. I am always looking for the next adventure. The body might be fading but my heart is strong, I'm excited about being a part of the RMO.