Rocky Mountain Outfit — American Mountain Men (AMM) party of Colorado

Vic Barkin


June 2009

Vic Barkin
Louisville, CO
Bossloper #1534
Sponsored by Wulf Shultz
Member since 1987
I've always had a passion for history, camping, hunting and fishing, so the AMM was a natural fit. When I was in my teens, I spent a lot of time with my friends in the woods. One would start shooting trap and skeet, so we all would. One would get into archery, so we all would. Then one day one friend brought a CVA Kentucky out to camp. It wasn't long until I was hooked and I had to have one. I'd been in NRA programs since I was eight, but this was totally different. One thing led to another and in 1978 I found out about a muzzle loading club in the area. It was there that I met my sponsor Wulf Schultz. Wulf took me under his wing and introduced me to what the AMM was all about. The next year I moved to Arizona and over time, although I lost touch with Wulf, my interest grew. My first period camp was a thirty mile death march through unexpectedly waterless country in central Arizona. Thirty miles in three days. I had my chrome tanned war shirt, pack basket and knee high mocs, along with everything else that was wrong. Through the years I learned. In 1987 Wulf reappeared in my life and my AMM journey began anew when he moved to Arizona. We started working on my papers. Over the years I have grown to love the AMM perspective of doing things right. No shortcuts. Everything documented. In 1989 Steve "Candoo" Stein appeared in my life as my spiritual Brother who Wulf also eventually sponsored. Together we ventured out into the wilderness by foot, horseback, snowshoe and canoe at every chance, together and with other members of the Three Rivers Party of the California Brigade. In 2005 I moved to Colorado and started my life in the Rocky Mountains. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Outfit, I continue to learn and explore the life of the trappers and traders of the glory days of the Western Fur Trade, and will until I die.